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Will Medicare cover Coronavirus Covid-19?

Will Medicare cover care for Covid-19, the disease the virus can cause?

YES, but Medicare deductibles still apply

New York Times

With its beneficiaries among the most at risk for Covid-19, the agency is relaxing some rules.

Any needed outpatient services will be covered under Part B, and if you require hospitalization,
it will be covered under the usual Medicare Part A rules. This includes a deductible of $1,408
for each stay, and daily co-payments if your stay exceeds 60 days. The most popular
supplemental insurance policies used in traditional Medicare cover 100 percent of that, but
six million enrollees have no supplemental insurance, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

For Medicare Advantage enrollees, the out-of-pocket costs for hospitalizations vary by plan and
length of stay. Kaiser research found that for stays of five days or more, at least half of
Advantage enrollees would pay more than the deductible paid by traditional Medicare enrollees
without supplemental coverage.


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