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Greetings, and Happy 65th Birthday to those turning 65. This website was designed as an information source for you to better
understand Medicare and answer the questions you may have. Medicare plans and any additional insurance coverage’s is
your choice.

With the recent changes due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) many are concerned about their health coverage today as well
as the future. This website was designed and is constantly
being updated to help answer questions on a majority of Medicare
coverage’s available.
Our intention is to help you better understand, save money and stay healthy.

If you have specific questions regarding any Medicare coverage’s feel free to call (866/374-0002) and speak with us, no cost
or obligation. As a Diabetic senior with 40+ years of Insurance
experience I am here to help. Every case is different; many are
confused and need explanation
and guidance. Unfortunately, many have purchased their coverage’s from advertisements or
telephone solicitations and were not given a proper education. In today’s world you need to be informed more than ever before.
Health and Medical costs have continually increased. Today a
bottle of insulin costs $350+ (10ml), in 1964 it was $0.96 (10ml).

As we get older and live on a fixed income, health insurance is more important than ever. If you are healthy and can afford an
annual deductible of thousands of dollars some plans may work
for you and may include free health memberships and in some
cases cash back. As of 2019 66.5%
of bankruptcies are tied to medical issues (click here). 

Those who have pre existing conditions like Heart Disease, Diabetes, HIV, Cancer or have a need for expensive medical treatments
may want to consider a more comprehensive plan. Medicare and
its related coverage’s are Guarantee issue at age 65. Any
questions or concerns email or call
(866/374-0002) us. If you are turning 65, are seeking information for a friend or family member
are currently on Medicare we are here to help.

To better assist you in designing the best Medicare coverage plan for your needs, specific information is needed. Not all
Medicare coverage’s are the same for everyone, please review the information provided and decide how much coverage you
desire or require. We will do our best to help inform and advise on the best and most cost efficient solutions for your needs.
If you have any questions please call or Contact me.

Health Alert!

Will Medicare cover care for Covid-19 (click here)

What plans for seniors are available and coverage options? (click here)

Pre-Existing Medical conditions are our specialty!

Medicare Supplements - Medigap Policy

Original Medicare coverage’s part A & B are limited and have substantial deductibles. Are you aware that a 65 year old can get
a full coverage Medicare Supplement insurance plan with minimal deductibles for as little as $32/mo (female) and $37/mo for
a male. 
As a multi-licensed insurance Broker for over 40+ years with pre-existing conditions, I understand how important medical
and prescription coverage’s are. Originally licensed to sell insurance in 1976, I have assisted and advised those in need get
coverage's they need. With all the government regulations, limits and deductibles understanding Medicare and your options can
be very confusing. Choose a representative that will be there if you need assistance or questions answered.

Medicare Advantage Plans
Advantage plans can cost as little as nothing (0) with multiple coverage’s and benefits. If you are healthy this may the plan for you.

As an insured with pre-existing conditions for over 50 years, I understand how important medical and prescription coverage is. Originally licensed to sell insurance in 1975, I have been assisting many get the coverage's they need for years. With all the government regulations, limits and deductibles understanding Medicare and your options can be confusing.
I have the desire and knowledge to help anyone interested get properly insured. If you prefer to speak with a human, feel free to call (866) 374-0002 for assistance.


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90 days of your 65th birthday

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